I got an itch to do something crafty lately. But my skill set is relatively limited. I pestered my friend to come with me to the craft store to help me find something I could manage. We decided on a small counted cross stitch project.

I haven’t done counted cross stitch since I was in middle school. We had to take mini-courses during the last period of the day. Each one lasted nine weeks, which should have been more than enough time to complete the assigned project. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no focus or discipline in those days. Coupled with the fact that I was often never properly equipped for the course by my parents, I never managed to complete the project correctly.

Of course, I was convinced that I’d evolved beyond those days. And, because I wasn’t being graded on the project, I’d be more likely to do it correctly. So, I sat down to begin my new craft project. The first thing I noticed was how crappy my vision had become since I was thirteen. I had to count and recount the stitches to make sure I had the right number.

I also realized the lighting in my house was less than conducive for discerning the subtle differences between two very similar shades of yellow. I had forgotten how easy it was to make mistakes, which, when discovered, are nearly impossible to fix. I found several, all of which could be dealt with without issue.

As of right now, I’m nearly done, but there’s still plenty of time for more mistakes. I’m very pleased with the outcome so far. I may try another one once this one is finished, but it all depends on how frustrating the finishing is. But, it has been very relaxing and that’s all that matters, right?