It’s that time of year when the weather gets cold enough that the insects try to sneak inside. We’re already seeing it with the stink bugs, but have been able to cope with that as best we can.

There are crickets in the house now. You can hear them outside almost all the time, chirping away. You get too close to the sound behind the basement door and it stops. Although they can be destructive, especially to fabric, I don’t think they’re doing any damage from what I can tell.

The cats seem happy with all the tasty bugs to catch. Our cat, Simcoe, will come bounding up from the basement howling with something in his mouth. He rushes up to you, making a noise that could only be likened to hyena-like laughter from a cat. He drops the black cricket in front of you, waits for praise, and then proceeds to devour it. Sometimes, he’ll down four or five in a day.

Sometimes, though, he doesn’t quite finish the job. The poor creature frozen in agony, knowing it will meet its certain doom if it moves, but already down a leg or crunched exoskeleton. With a bit of prodding, the cat will usually end the bug’s life, happily eating it, leaving only the sharp legs behind as evidence.