My apologies for the exceptionally late post. I’m just now getting home and, while I can normally find time during the day to write a post, today was just insanely busy and I didn’t get a chance until now.

As part of my job, I have a late meeting every other Monday. Most meetings don’t usually go very late, but this evening’s agenda was crammed full of unnecessary items that probably weren’t ready to be added. I’m uncertain as to why, but those decisions weren’t left up to me.

I’m not permitted to contribute to the meeting’s discussion or content. About a year ago, I had been making an effort to participate, but my colleague became jealous and complained. Since her complaint was filed, I was reprimanded by my supervisor and instructed to remain silent during the meeting. While I thought that this was incredibly unfair, and certainly not a sentiment shared by other people who attended the meeting, I obliged nonetheless.

I came to realize the only purpose for me to attend was therefore to help clean up the leftover catering after the meeting was over. While I found it a complete waste of time for me to attend as glorified janitorial staff, I was unable to get out of this ridiculous commitment. During some of the shorter meetings, I can usually behave myself for the duration. However during the later meetings, I tend to zone out and begin to doodle on my paperwork.

This evening, I was totally zoned out until one of the members said, “I have a big load in my mouth.” Without the appropriate context, my brain couldn’t really handle such a blatant double entendre without some kind of response. I had to stifle my giggling, which became more difficult as I realized no one else picked up on it.

As the meeting drew into its third hour, people became restless and even the most well-behaved and dignified members began to demonstrate their frustration. Unfortunately, we had a lot more business to discuss, none of which I could participate on, so I simply pondered what would have made someone say something about a load in their mouth in such a venue.

Soon, the discussion was concluded and when we finally got out of there, it was nearly four hours later. Of course, it was not before cleaning up the now-stagnant catered food which looked pretty disgusting. Luckily no one wanted to take home leftovers, as some attendees are wont to do. Nonetheless, it was nearly 9:00 when I finally got home, cranky and exhausted.