I had about an hour to kill after work today before yoga class. It was a nice day, especially for October. So after a quick stop at Home Depot, I decided to chill in the car with the windows rolled down and journaled a bit.

When I returned to my car an hour later, I noticed a stink bug sitting on the far side of the dashboard. I was well into traffic by then. I couldn’t really stop or pull over, so I rolled down the windows in the hopes it would just fly out.

No such luck. I tried spraying some air freshener at it, but the bastard just inched even further out of my reach. At the stop light, I tried to swat it with a receipt but it crawled into the vent instead. Finally, I tried blasting the air conditioning. This made the bug crawl out momentarily, only to scurry into an impossibly tight crevice between the dashboard and windshield.

At that point, there wasn’t much I could do. Further antagonism would result in the stink bug demonstrating how it got its name. I gave up for the night. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to get it out of the car tomorrow. The bugs are smart though, and far craftier than they get credit for. In terms of invasive species, they’re among the worst.