Lately, my goal has been to move forward in my life with as few complications as possible. Unfortunately, a huge segment of the people in my life have yet to get the memo. No matter how much I have tried to maintain a drama free existence, there has been an unseen force trying to fill the void as soon as I have it cleared.

Take, for example, the little get-together I’ve been trying to plan. But for the awesomeness of my husband and best friend, I’d have cancelled this thing long ago. Practically any interaction I’ve had with certain attendees has been to undermine my only two wishes: to have it at my home and to have it be as simple and low key as possible.

From carpooling complications to guests who apparently don’t drive (in spite of having valid driver’s licenses and cars) to the inclusion of folks who weren’t on the guest list, this whole event has been nothing but drama. I’m certain that as it gets closer to the day, there will be further monkey wrenches thrown my way. Some would advise that I simply allow the drama makers to drive the bus, but as previous experience has taught me, the event would become so obnoxiously complicated that it will be un-attendable.

We’re experiencing the same drama, in the simple effort to stain our new fence. Our trip to Home Depot today yielded the finding that we’ll have to add three ridiculous and seemingly unnecessary steps to the process of simply applying a couple coats of wood stain before the winter comes. Of course, the necessary products add at least a hundred dollars to the bottom line, not to mention another day of work to the project before it can begin.

The cynic in me wonders if any of it is necessary and if it’s not just a ploy to make more money for the big home improvement chain stores. After being informed about how to “do it right,” however, we’re so exhausted just thinking about all the extra work, that it might not ever get done. This is why people don’t take on DYI tasks, because the requisite effort to complete the job is so tedious and involved that we’d rather just hire someone to do the work for us.