Things certainly haven’t been going according to a set schedule for the last year and a half. Not that things ever have, but our home life has become a weekly discussion of what days my husband will be home due to his travel schedule. It’s the sacrifice we make for the job that he has, which pays pretty well and allowed us to stay in our home after he was laid off.

Usually, we have our weekends together, and his overnights are during the week. But, due to some crazy scheduling and work obligations, he’s been away a lot more. Tonight, he actually left on a weekend, which is very rare. And, having the weekend together cut short is really bumming me out.

He’ll be home in a few days, but it just sucks not having him here. With all the turmoil that life throws at us, having him away does make me cherish the time he’s home that much more. But, each night he’s gone really weighs on me because I miss him so much. I realize it’s all par for the course, but I don’t have to like it. Until then, I’ll be thinking of him and waiting for his return.