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I work at a hospital, so we often have drug reps wandering through the building from time to time. You can usually tell them apart from the regular employees. They typically are wearing more expensive clothing, usually reserved by the rest of us for job interviews and funerals. Apart from that, drug reps usually have samples and various swag along with them, so they are usually hauling a wheeled cart or luggage dealie.

Today, I spotted one such individual. She was about my age, clacking down the hallway in her pristine pinstriped skirt suit. She seemed a bit strange because instead of hauling the typical luggage or cart, she had a large designer purse (like the size of a hobo-style bag) on a wheeled cart. It seemed particularly odd because the purse was easily manageable for her to carry and the cart was just gratuitous.

I was walking behind her on my way to the ladies room, so I had a few minutes to contemplate the strangeness of it, was only surpassed when she finally spoke. She reached the reception area where the nice gentleman behind the desk recognized her. He said something about the person she was meeting not being available yet. “I paged her,” he said, “but she hasn’t called back yet.” “Oh,” she replied, “Is she AOL?”