September is a crappy month for me. Both my birthday and anniversary fall in this month, plus my husband’s birthday over the Labor Day holiday usually make for a lot of weekends tied up in celebration-related activities. With school back in session too, there’s the incentive to do things like go to the beach since it will be less crowded and to enjoy the awesome weather, which is almost hypnotic in the fall.

I normally blink and miss the month due to all our obligations, which is so frustrating. It’s difficult enough to keep it all together, but every year, I forget, and details fall through the cracks. This also happens during December, but everyone else is so tied up with their stuff that I normally get a pass. September usually grants me no such privilege.

This year, I’m feeling dumber than usual. I’ve already forgotten several commitments, one which could not be resolved at all. I feel terrible for my forgetfulness and distraction. Nothing can be done about it now, as I’m trying as hard as I can to keep it all together already. I’m hoping that I can live enough of a charmed existence to get through until next month.