We had a new deck installed about two years ago. It was a huge upgrade from the existing one, which was unsteady and ugly. We had been wanting a new one for a while, but hadn’t done much to seek it out. A group of people going door-to-door with fliers from a local company came by one afternoon. They were actually selling roofing and windows, but the decking estimate was free so we took them up on it.

The owner’s son was the guy who came out to do the estimate. He was incredibly nice and the estimate was well within our budget, so we went ahead and got the deck. As it turns out, he was a beer enthusiast like us and we had a great time chatting over our homebrew. The deck was built beautifully by his Amish subcontractors who worked quickly.

After two years though, we noticed that two of the beams were bowing sightly. The deck wasn’t that old, so we took a few pictures and emailed the contracting company. We didn’t expect anything really, just a reassurance that the deck was still structurally sound and safe.

What we didn’t expect was to literally hear back the next day, from the owner’s son who immediately arranged to come out and check it out himself. He was more than happy to send someone out to fix it for free. Of course, we had a few homebrews to catch up and what we took away from the conversation was the importance of doing right, both from our side by being welcoming hosts and generous with the fruits of our labor and from their side to take care of loyal and satisfied customers.