I’ve done pretty well this week. Money was kind of tight, due to some spending that all sort of happened back to back. I’m not the type of person to accumulate debt, one of the advantages of being married to a financial person. Nonetheless, the cash cushion I normally keep was cutting down to the quick.

I only had to make it one more week before my next paycheck cleared. I normally don’t think about money too much, having a pretty steady budget. But I had blown through my usual allotment for lunch, so I was doing my best to preserve what little funds I had left.

Over the holiday weekend, we did a fair amount of cooking at home. I got pretty motivated on Saturday and did a ton of cooking. I also baked a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and brownie bites. I had plenty to work with in terms of leftovers and treats.

I actually made it all the way through the week without spending anything on lunch, which normally runs between $7-11 a meal. I wasn’t sure that I could do it, because I normally make my lunch decisions based on a whim and it’s usually decided in the fifteen minutes leading up to my usual lunch time.

I did pretty well, making sure I packed enough options to have choices. Overall, I surprised myself and didn’t give up on them. I made it all the way to payday without spending a dime. I’m pretty proud of myself, considering how undisciplined my eating can be. The food savings I had also was pretty sweet. I estimate I saved ¬†around $40 so far. It’s not much, but it’s something.