I’m having a get together in about a month or so. The group I’m inviting includes two vegetarians, so I’ve been thinking about entree options that would be crowd pleasing, but easy to prepare, and ideally prepared in a crock pot. I like crock pot options for parties because they are great for setting and forgetting, and the food stays hot for the duration of the party.

I was toying around with a creamy macaroni and cheese recipe, because it would appeal to a larger group. I prefer a creamier macaroni and cheese, personally. And considering I’ll be stuck with any leftovers, having something I’ll actually like is key.

In my preliminary research, most recipes call for use of the loathsome Velveeta, which I refuse to use out of principle. Others call for using eggs, which sounds equally unappetizing. I was excited to find one that called for evaporated milk, cheddar cheese condensed soup, shredded cheese and uncooked pasta. I was intrigued, since the ease of the recipe would make for a perfect addition to the menu.

I purchased all the ingredients and followed the recipe to the letter. I realized the recipe wad possibly intended to a slightly larger crock pot than the one I was using. The final mixture ended up coming quite close to the top, but the lid fit on just fine. The leap of faith was leaving the pot unattended for two and a half hours.

Checking on the final product when it was finished, I realized it would have been helpful to stir the pasta a few times over the cooking time. What I was left with was an overlooked mess on the bottom, with several areas cooked fast to the sides. I’m left to divine that the recipe didn’t need to cook as long either, as the finished product was complete mush. Overall, I had two pounds of wasted pasta that was practically inedible.

So, the crock pot macaroni and cheese idea has been scrapped for now. I’ll have to come up with another option for my veggie friends. I just can’t risk having a failure like this on the big day. Suggestions, of course, are welcome.