If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’re aware that some nights, I have the house to myself. Rather, to myself, with the exception of our two cats. Since we lost Abby in May and Isabelle last October, our four kitty household has been readjusting.

Our remaining cats, Ella and Simcoe, seem to get along pretty well. They don’t really fight, except when they’re bored. Simcoe (or Simmy) is very docile, and just wants to spend time sitting on my lap. Ella is also very loving and often competes for attention. Most of the time, she hangs out by my feet or behind my head on the couch.

The other day, however, was a passive-aggressive war for real estate. Both kitties wanted to sit on my lap and neither was willing to give up room for the other. Since I was the only one home, I couldn’t pawn one off on my husband, so I was stuck with both of them. It was kind of nice, actually. But don’t tell them that.

(Grey kitty is Simcoe. Tiger kitty is Ella.)

(Also, I’m totally wearing this shirt today, which made me think of it.)