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Step one: brine chicken for two hours in salt and brown sugar mixture

Step two: mix up tasty marinade of spices and olive oil

Step three: remove chicken from brine mixture, rinse and pat dry

Step four: baste chicken inside and out with oil mixture

Step five: preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Step six: place chicken over beer can and place in glass roasting dish, seal top of chicken with metal dealie to keep steam from escaping

Step seven: place chicken in oven

Step eight: mess around with kitchen timer on oven so that you inadvertently turn off the oven, not the timer.

Step nine: come back an hour and a half later to find your chicken completely uncooked

Step ten: panic and throw temper tantrum, realizing now how late it is

Step eleven: turn oven back on and crank to 450 degrees

Step twelve: begin freaking out that chicken is now smoking heavily due to the spice and herb mixture and oil burning off

Step thirteen: decide to add cold water to the bottom of the dish to keep the oil from burning, thereby causing the glass dish to shatter into a million tiny pieces

Step fourteen: cry

Step fifteen: order Chinese take out and never touch the oven again.

And I really liked that glass dish...