I haven’t had very good luck on the golf course these days. The last few times I’ve tried to play, I was verbally attacked or run off due to unsafe weather. So, I think it goes without saying that I’m a bit gun-shy when it comes to working up the courage to get back out there.

A few weeks ago I played nine hole on the local par three course. It was a way to get my feet wet, but was met with its own set of problems. The rental pull carts were all defective and halfway into the first hole, completely fell apart. But, I played pretty well and was beginning to remember why I like playing.

Over the weekend, the August heat broke and we were given a mild overcast day. It was perfect. I had my clubs re-gripped and was ready to play. We chose one of our favorite courses for an afternoon tee time. The course was never too busy, very easy to play and we never got paired up.

Since the last time we’d been there, they have made some improvements which made the whole place feel like home. It was nice to see that the business was growing and money was being put back into it. A new snack cart and two young guys were now working outside. The course had new signage, even new seasonal decorations.

Teeing off on the first hole was a bit rusty, but I soon feel into a workable rhythm. By the time we were rounding the sixth hole, we’d had plenty of interactions with other friendly golfers waiting for their turn or in search of lost balls.

This is what golf is all about. I realized that the jerk who tried to hit us and run us off the other course was the rare exception to the rule. Most golfers are generally very nice, encouraging, and simply trying to have a good time. It was great to see this in action, especially as the lone female on the course. I finished tired, but satisfied with the day’s efforts. Most importantly, I have a tiny bit of improvement in my own game to show for it and that feels awesome.