It’s weird when you find yourself in landmark moments of your life. For me, I’m in a strange position to now make a determination of which people I can ask to participate and which ones will probably not want to be bothered with my nonsense. And frankly, I’ve found that I’m not very good at it. Some folks are obvious and I’ll have no trouble reaching out to them. But others are tricky, falling into the strange limbo of still liking a person, but simply not having seen them in person for a very long time

I remember how difficult it was to plan my wedding. The guest list for that event was teeming with people from both sides of our family, and considering the limitations of the venue, cuts had to be made. A lot of them, actually. We had to send invites out in waves. Most of the excluded guests were my friends. Feelings were hurt and I hated the planning process with the fire of a thousand suns.

I’m finding myself in a similar predicament now, although on a smaller scale. This time I have some help, but the same histrionics are present. I was foolish to think that time would tame the drama llama.

Since the advent of Facebook, I have come to realize I have a lot more friends on paper than I thought. But when it comes to writing a guest list, I’m stuck. Does liking someone’s status updates but not having any real interaction with them in the last few years a friend still make? Or have those people fallen by the proverbial wayside? It’s difficult to know for sure.

I’ve drafted a few messages to these folks in an attempt to reach out, but have yet to find the backbone to hit send. Is this the social dilemma of the electronic age? Is this illusion of connection that in truth depicts nothing more than the real and glaring reality of siloing and isolation? I’m not sure, but I’ve got to think of something. My deadline looms and my IRL guest list looks kinda sad.