We were out running errands, nothing out of the ordinary for a Saturday afternoon. I’ve been avoiding the major highway lately because of heavy construction that slows traffic down to a crawl. Also, considering it was a beautiful summer day, there would likely be an influx of traffic heading to the various semi- local beaches.

So, we took the back way. It’s hardly slow going, with few traffic lights and speed limits up around 50 miles per hour. Most people go far faster, especially around the curves near the train tracks. We saw the red truck swerve hard into the oncoming traffic. The vehicle was too far into the lane to be avoided and clipped a smaller black car, its left mirror shorn clear off. Debris sprayed into the air like splashed water.

The truck righted itself and kept going. It turned onto the next available cross street and was gone. Before anyone had a chance to stop or even follow him, the asshole just hit someone and drove off. We were about two cars back in traffic and pulled over to make sure no one was hurt. Thankfully no one was.

The black car was driven by a mother with her two young children. The mirror was completely gone and a long deep scratch was now buried along the driver’s side panel. The police were called, but took over 45 minutes to arrive. By then, little could be done. No one had gotten the plate number of the car. We had only a vague description of the vehicle, and none of the driver.

My heart broke for the poor lady and her kids. Turns out, the vehicle was her mother’s and was a later model. It probably didn’t have collision insurance. It was a horrible thing, just to drive off. I suspected that the truck driver was either high or drunk or would risk losing their license or worse if they’d stopped. Still, my faith in common decency and humanity was shaken.