Yesterday I was lamenting how there are so very few people in my life that I can truly count on. I was talking to someone who I consider to be very normal and well-adjusted (probably because she’s not from around here). She was sort of shocked as to how little support I have in my life.

While I have good friends and they are wonderful, I’m on my own with a lot of things that a normal well-adjusted family would fill in the gaps with. I don’t notice it most of the time, but lately I’ve been feeling the void left by the dysfunction.

Some members of my family aren’t in my life at all, and the rest are very distant. It needs to be that way, for everyone’s mental health, but I sometimes wish that things were different. I wish I could ask for things or support and know that they would not have strings attached or manipulations behind them.

I considered in the infinite possibilities of alternate universes, there’s probably a happy and well-adjusted saurus out there who has this very phenomenon in her life. Of course, in that universe, she probably has three head’s and the ability for people to keep up with their obligations is as easy to achieve as following the law of gravity.