I awoke after only a few hours of real sleep. We prepared for the day’s adventures and walked over to the lobby to catch the shuttle to the resort where my husband’s conference was held. Stepping out in the daylight, I could see finally the gorgeous view from the hotel. Mountain peaks jutted out against the bright morning skyline and the air was thin and crisp. At first I thought I was having a panic attack, but soon realized that it was the thinner atmosphere and tried to breathe deeply. My allergies seemed all but gone, and it was kind of a relief.

As we arrived at the neighboring resort, the view was just as gorgeous. Because we weren’t with the qualifying agents group, we didn’t get to stay at the nicer resort, but we had full use of the facilities during our stay. I joined my husband for the group breakfast, which was absolutely delicious. Since we were in the Rockies, apparently people eat salsa on their eggs. I figured I would give it a try, and it was actually very enjoyable. I got to meet some very cool people before heading off to the spa while my husband attended the motivational speaker.

The spa was across the resort, and I took my time walking along the pond to get there. The morning air was just perfect and I snapped lots of photos of the swans chilling out in the pond. I checked in at the spa and quickly found it to be literally the fanciest and most amenity-laden spas I’ve ever seen. I was checked in and given a warmed robe and sandals and shown to my locker. They also had a steam room, a sauna, an aromatherapy room, two lounges, not to mention full showers with all the accoutrements, bathrooms with bidets, and even hair dryers, curling irons, hair brushes, and spray on deodorant.  Then I got a massage, which was also fantastic.

After my massage and I finished full primping myself, I walked back to meet my husband and grab the shuttle back to our resort. We had an afternoon tee time scheduled, so we wanted to get back in time to change and get over to the golf course. We grabbed a late lunch at the golf club’s restaurant, then we headed down to the pro shop to check in.

Since we opted not to bring our clubs with us, we chose to rent them from the pro shop. It was the first time I’d ever played with women’s golf clubs and let me just say I’m not that impressed with them. Each of the irons were weighted so strangely that it took me forever just to become comfortable with them. During our warm up, we watched some ominous clouds roll over the mountain and rumble toward us. I didn’t have a good feeling about it, but we pressed on to tee off anyway.

We were just about to chip onto the green on the first hole when the storm horn went off and we were forced to leave the course. The likelihood that we’d be able to get back out on the course was not very good, so we went back to the pro shop to see if we could get some kind of refund. The guys in the shop were cool enough to give us nearly all our money back. We were disappointed that we weren’t able to play but didn’t want to risk getting struck by lightning.

We made our way back to the room to wait out the storm. My husband’s company had a group dinner that evening so we began getting ready for that. We met the shuttle, which took us back up the mountain. The storm was passing, and a gorgeous rainbow shone brightly against the still darkened sky. As we arrived at the lodge, the dinner spread looked amazing. We made a quick pass to see what else was going on, and found that they had hired a portrait photographer to do free portraits for everyone.

We posed smiling at the edge of the balcony overlooking the valley below and noticed there was a large dog on a leash nearby. Upon further inspection, we found that he was actually a young timber wolf that was brought in with a rescue group. He was being raised at a local sanctuary and was quite friendly. I got to meet him up close and personal and he gave me licks on my face just like a dog would. It was awesome. Another animal sanctuary was also showing some rescued birds of prey. We got to see a bald eagle and a huge owl among others. Dinner, which was amazing, paled in comparison to this amazing experience.

Eventually, the night ended and we headed back to our hotel. The friends along with us in the van were pretty buzzed and making for a hilarious trip back. The staffer from our hotel was laughing the whole time as he drove us home. We got back to our room and considered the day an overall success, which was nice considering how crappy the previous day was.