I have a pretty lengthy story to share with you, dear readers. I considered typing it all out in today’s post, but since many aspects have yet to resolve, I thought I would update you on some of the other things that I’ve previously posted about.

For example, a while back I posted about literal pain in my butt, due to a work day that requires a lot of sitting. Although I had wanted one of those exercise ball chairs, my boss was concerned that I would fall off and hurt myself. He was probably also concerned with keeping up appearances for our new boss, who was very preoccupied with appearances. I’m thinking his decision to allow me an ergonomic butt cushion weighed more heavily on the latter, because it would be more likely to be noticed.

To follow up, it has helped, and I am seeing improvement. I’d rather have the ball chair, but I’m not willing to wage war over it. Besides, he might be right. I could very well fall off and hurt myself. So the cushion will have to do.

I also told you about how I desperately wanted a fence to keep the neighborhood monster children out of our yard. Well, it took the fence guys nearly three months to get around to it, but it was finally built. I must say, it’s epic and effective for keeping uninvited guests out. Although I wanted to let one of our kitties explore it, she passed away before it was complete. It still needs to be stained, something my husband has promised to handle, it serves the intended purpose and for that I’m grateful.

In other yard-related news, the lawn mowing conundrum remains unresolved. The check remains uncashed, and yet these same kids have the audacity to keep pestering us about wanting to mow our lawn again. Fortunately, my husband has increased the frequency with which he mows it himself, so the inquiries are much less frequent. Having the fence installed has been a deterrent because the lawn is now more trouble than it’s worth. Someone told me you can also order checks with expiration dates on them. Hindsight being 20/20, this would have been ideal.

Lastly,I told you about the unexpected silence from someone in our lives. I am sad to say that there has still been no communication at all. The ball remains in their court, but frankly, I doubt I’ll hear much of anything until it is convenient for them. Sadly, I doubt I’ll have much to say in return.

I’ll update you on our current situation next week, when I’ve managed to calm down and all the pieces are in place. If there’s something you’d like an update about but wasn’t covered here, let me know in the comments section.