While I’m still not allowed to have caffeine, I have been trying to incorporate small doses of chocolate back into my diet. I do this as a treat every once in a while, and most of the time, it can be done without affecting my heart rate too much. I had the most amazing chocolate chip muffin the other day at the local sandwich shop. It was so good that it was all my maddened brain could fixate on and I was determined to go back the next day for another.

Standing in line at the shop, I was crestfallen to see that there were none in the case. I asked if they had anymore and the clerk told me that they had sold out. “Call ahead,” she said cheerfully, “and we’ll be sure to set one aside for you!” In my mind, all I could think of was the Billy Madison paraphrase, “Calling ahead wouldn’t put the delicious muffin in my stomach today, now would it, lady?!” It was all I could do to order a sandwich without the sacred muffin and go on with my day.

This morning, I would not be denied. Having a few extra minutes before work, I stopped over to the shop. I bought the last two from the case, not sure I would be able to have both in one day or even if the second would keep until tomorrow. I didn’t care though. I bought them anyway. Some rat bastard had denied me, and somehow this was karmic payback for it.

Of course, the first muffin was as expected, a perfect misshapen piece of heaven. I savored my victory as I checked my morning emails, crumbs on the keyboard be damned. The second sits on my desk, tightly wrapped in the bag it came in. I have yet to decide its fate, but most assuredly, it will be a delicious one.