I’ve been posting here for almost a whole year now. It’s staggering for me to think that I’ve been able to produce that much content. However, I am muddling through some difficult times and my usual coping strategies are simply not available.

It’s no secret that I suffer from depression, and one of the most demonstrable features of that is a loss of interest in things I once loved and enjoyed. While writing is enjoyable for me, especially when I travel, I find that it is difficult most days to find something to say. I often miss my own 11:00 deadline and some days I panic for the majority of the day until I slap something together and post it.

The issue I’m working through at the moment is not something I’m comfortable sharing with the unblinking eye of the internet. There are people who cannot know about it and my fear that they may find the blog has kept me from sharing with you guys. I wish I could tell you about it, but at this time, the few shreds of privacy I have left are far too valuable for me to sacrifice.

Still, I am so grateful for my readership. Each day I log in and see that there have been a few hits, and very few of them spam. People seem to be enjoying what I produce, and that feels pretty awesome. I’m going to do my best to live up to my resolution for this year, and that is to post every day.

Once I hit a year’s worth of posting, I may reconsider the frequency, just so I don’t totally burn myself out on the process. I’d like to dig further into a larger writing project, and often this takes precedence and sucks up my creative juices. That, and I hate having to post day after day about how much I think I suck. After a while, it gets a bit old.

But for now, I’m happy that you’re reading, and very much appreciate your support. It makes it all worthwhile!