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There’s nothing like a busy brain to remind you of how much there is to loathe in this world. To be fair, it started with a scenario which I find to be in the top ten demonstrations of asshatery: The “Oh, by the way” as you’re walking out the door.

As I posted yesterday, I don’t particularly care for certain people that I am forced to interact with on a daily basis. Mostly because they are inconsiderate humans who care only for stuffing their faces, text messaging all day long, and sticking their nose into your business in spite of your obvious body language to indicate that they should not.

While the rest of the ilk behaved badly since the boss was away, I was doing my best to get as much accomplished as possible, since the office would be quiet. I do my best to avoid idle chit chat, which I find the most purgatorial of office torments. Getting caught in a one-sided conversation that will not end, with no end in sight and one that you did not want to be part of to begin with, is enough to make me consider ritual suicide.

So, I tend to put the least amount of effort into interacting with people I don’t particularly care for, hoping they take the not-so-subtle hint that I just want to be left alone. Unfortunately, people who are incapable of taking a hint, are also just as crass in pointing out a glaring trend once they notice it, as was demonstrated yesterday.

I had an appointment at the end of the day, I had exactly fifteen minutes to walk from my office across campus to the building where I needed to be. The inconsiderate seem to always pick up on when you need to leave, because that’s the exact moment they decide to pounce on you. Apparently, the rotund seafood microwaver decided that I wasn’t adequately acknowledging her regal fatness and wanted to let me know about it.

Her grievance? I have not been saying goodnight to her. I don’t feel the need to go to each and every office as I leave at the end of the day and check in. It’s one of my tools to avoid those horrific unending conversations. But, after a few weeks, she’s noticed and clearly, she wanted to let me know that she’s noticed. Good, you’re observing human behavior. Here’s a fucking cookie.

While I had a look of absolute annoyance and desperation with being questioned on my face, she would not relent. I explained through gritted teeth that I hate standing on ceremony for ridiculousness and did not need to explain myself to her any further. What was most irritating was that she was using techniques a mother would use for a child to shame me into the behavior she wanted, which I now out of principle would not do. Frankly, I wouldn’t even allow my own mother to conduct herself with me that way, and mostly because I don’t associate with her anymore, but that’s a different story altogether.

What is frustrating, is although I’m a grown woman in my 30s, I am treated like a child by these adults who are my supposed peers. Frankly, they should consider themselves lucky I don’t file complaints against them, since I have plenty of reason to do so. The rampant condescension is so pervasive that I can barely stand to be in their presence. I’d rather go work in a box alone than deal with someone who won’t treat me as their equal.

What also bothers me is the lack of work ethic that these individuals display. While the boss is travelling for a conference, all productivity comes to a halt. The person who caught me on my way out the door spent all day building invitations for her granddaughter’s birthday party and didn’t even bother to turn her cell phone to silent. The text message tone blared over my music and hers, often ignoring her own office line with legit business to babble to her grandchildren in baby talk.

And they wonder why I don’t want to talk to them?