One of the nicer features that using the blogging site that I use is that it automatically filters out spam messages. While I don’t allow any comments to be posted to my site without my personal approval, it also kindly filters messages that are definitely not intended for me into their own purgatorial hell for me to read, chuckle at and delete.

I’ve posted before about the “remove any curse” spam, which still takes the proverbial cake with the best potential spam idea I’ve seen yet. Although after I posted about my recent trip to Mexico, the sudden and rampant influx of spam I was receiving took on a life of its own.

Each day I had at least eight new spam messages, which lead me to wonder who these spammers are. I assume they are all from the same person, because of the same sort of characteristics in the spam messages. Some were from a “Free American Airlines Voucher” site, others were from a “Banana Nut Muffin” site, all sent within the same few hours of the night.

Honestly, if I were so inclined to favor conspiracy theories, I would have a tough time trying to figure out how these things all fit together. Certainly there could be some kind of subversive in a Chinese prison somewhere trying to send coded messages to random bloggers, using these topics as code words.

Still, even if that far fetched idea were true, I’m not about to draw the ire of the Chinese government. I’m having enough trouble keeping my nose clean as it is, and I can’t get involved with dissidents and what not. I just wanted to bitch about my crappy trip and go about my day.