It’s the first day we get to sleep in since we got here, and thankfully so. The red wine mixed with the other booze made for a particularly uncomfortable hangover. Fortunately all that was on the agenda for the day were our complimentary mani-pedis and 25 minute massages. There couldn’t be a better day for a free rub down.

We grab a light breakfast, we head over to the salon. I should say here that my husband, who has little patience for frilly things like manicures, but wasn’t going to give up the free service graciously tagged along. The woman who gave us our manicures spoke little English, and unfortunately, the four years of German I took in high school were useless.

We were able to make basic idle chit chat about where we were from, music and family. Following that, there wasn’t much we could talk about. The woman was able to share with me a funny story about the translation of certain phrases in the standard Spanish dialect and the native Mayan language.

I was surprised to learn that they still spoke it because I had ignorantly thought the Mayans were long gone, their tongue perishing like so many other Native American languages after the Europeans arrived. However what is more likely is that the remaining indigenous people who survived the invasion, endured by integrating and learning a new language, and keeping their traditions to themselves.

What she managed to share with me through rough translation was that the Spanish word for cheese, queso, means something completely different in Mayan. When she began gesturing toward her crotch, she was telling me it meant something like vulgar, like vagina.

It left me wondering what these people must think of us Americans. Even in the least Spanish speaking parts of the states, the word queso means a delicious melted cheese dip. How unsettling it must have been for her the first time some white-bread American began raving about how much she loved eating vagina. I found this hilarious.

From there we headed over to the spa for our massages. Because our pedicures ran late, we didn’t have the luxury of time to use the complimentary hydrotherapy facilities. Normally, you get the use of the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi while alternating with cold blasts of water in a glassed in shower area. I went straight into the massage, which was far too short, but blissful all the same. Since it was free, I couldn’t really complain.

We left the spa and the warm herbal tea they had given me set off a hungry rumble in my stomach. We decided to grab something to eat. Along the way, we ran into a few members of our group who were hanging out poolside. They decided to joins us and we headed over to the al fresco buffet by the larger pool.

The server brought us delicious iced apple juice, which tasted much more like apple cider. I had fresh carved chicken with cajun seasoning and seafood paella, followed by some lemon sorbet for dessert. After dinner, we headed back to the room for a long nap, a low key evening of room service and Simpsons box set on DVD.