In the mire of constant spam, without which I would be left to deduce that no one really reads this blog, I was asked in one of my reader’s comments why I call myself “saurus.” Woah! I thought, a question that indicates that someone is actually reading it, and formulated a real question based on context. Frankly, I was touched.

I did reply in the comment of that thread, giving the easiest reply that I thought would still be appropriate: because dinosaurs are awesome! It’s true, no one can deny it. They are awesome. And, because they’re extinct, I can co-opt their suffix as my own.

But then I got to thinking, I should probably explain a bit better because not everyone may not understand. Saurus is short for “Awkward Saurus” or more specifically the “Hajisaurus” which is the totally scientific and official term for my sub species.

The Awkward Saurus is a rare specimen, lacking any real predatory nature that has been de-evolved from years of being subservient, and generally avoiding social contact. Aptly named, the creature has come to distrust its natural instincts and survives by sheer coincidence and dumb luck.

A historical sketch was found in primitive cave drawings, which indicates the species co- habitated with early cavemen. The drawing was modified to be a bit nicer to the awkward saurus, because early cavemen were dicks. The stink lines and gratuitous crude pictures of what were probably intended to be penises were removed.