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I’ve been battling a discomfort in my gut for about 3 days straight now. Although I had originally chalked it up to the stress from work, perhaps some touches of food poisoning, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s something more.

Of course, googling symptoms like mine, “abdominal pain/discomfort, GI upset” and the like end up with many potential diagnoses from cramps to appendicitis. The hypochondriac in me freaks out instantly.

I won’t really want to go to the doctor for this, knowing it will cost me at least a half a day of vacation time, and will probably result in additional referrals for specialists to follow up. I’m hoping it resolves.

Still, with the weather so nice and everyone around me being so damn chipper, it makes it difficult to be in pain. Of course, no matter what you say, the first thing someone always insists on is that I MUST be pregnant. This is a giant pet peeve of mine to begin with. Then the person must rationalize their statement, for whatever reason, leaving out the fact that I’m in genuine pain and clearly not experiencing things like swelling or nausea.

I’m thinking it’s probably some kind of duodenal ulcer, but we’ll see. So, I’ll give it another day or so, and if it doesn’t resolve, I’ll give the doctor a call. But until then, no, I’m not pregnant. And you stressing me out about it isn’t helping.