I’m so grateful that the modern spam filter, for the most part, manages to prevent a majority of unwanted, potentially damaging and sometimes absurd messages from reaching my inbox. The same filter also exists for things like blogs, because the comments section will become overrun with the very same ilk.

I get at least three a day, most are just jibberish with a no doubt computer/privacy destroying link. The cool part about WordPress is that it lets you mouse over the link and preview the page. This feature let me preview one of the best pieces of spam I’ve ever seen. The site promises to rid you of “any curse.”

Yep. Any. Curse. It’s a pretty well crafted vehicle for what I imagine is probably a hotbed of spyware or other scary nonsense. But you’ve got to give them credit for offering to rid you of unseen evil forces maligning against you. I am tempted to click it to find out.

What the cynic in me figures is that clicking onto the site begins the download of a virus that makes you think you’re being cursed. Perhaps large files disappear, strange charges begin showing up on your credit card, and you just know it was either that old gypsy you hit with your car or that Lisa in Accounting totally has a voodoo doll of you.

What advice would this site offer? Candles? Ritual sacrifice? Maybe emailing them your social security number? We may never know. Mostly because I’m too chicken to click the link.