Most people are still taking off for the holiday, so today has been incredibly quiet around the office. However, in my brain, things are churning double overtime. We had a bit of a chaotic weekend, traveling to see family is never as easy as you think it will be.

We managed a rather productive round of golf, in spite of some chilling winds from time to time. I did pretty well, considering how early in the spring it was and how little I had played over the winter. We were paired up, which normally helps me to settle down a bit. The guys we were paired with were pretty good players, although they shared a few clubs between them and didn’t even wear long sleeves or a golf glove for that matter.

I was piled up in four layers on top and two on bottom. I was comfortable enough, and we played without much chit chat. The course was in great shape and we had a pretty good time. The game ran late so my husband’s mother, aunt and uncle were already waiting for us in the restaurant in the club house.

Dinner was fine, in spite of the delay. The standard awkwardness ensued however, and there were palpable moments of discomfort. I think because I’m doing so much work on myself that perhaps I’m more sensitive to it and perhaps the other people who attended weren’t so tuned in to it.

At any rate, we had an equally awkward brunch the next day and left to go home. But not before one more jab could be given in the parking lot as we readied ourselves to leave. Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of saying things just to hurt people accomplishes, but I digress.

There couldn’t be a better feeling in the world than pulling up to your own home, crawling into your own bed and relaxing for the evening, knowing that at least for the remaining hours that night, there would be no further interruption. At least that’s the one thing I have control over.