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After coming to the realization that I am a cranky old man, and woefully accepted the fact that I will continue to be miserable if I do not initiate change, we decided to build a fence. The last encounter, a nerf gun battle set up under our and our neighbor’s decks, was rather unsavory. I went out to shoo the army of about 8-10 kids strong, when I was sassed by one under my feet telling me to “mind my business.”

Agog that someone who was, for all intents and purposes, trespassing would so easily speak that way to adult, I stood for a moment perplexed. Realizing that the very same kid’s family would not hesitate to sue me should their child be hurt on my property, I remained calm but irritated. I gave them all a stern tone and told them to move along NOW! They moved off.

I have had enough. It’s barely spring, and this is what we’re dealing with. I placed a call to the local fence guy, who came recommended by a friend. Measurements were taken, so we’ll have an estimate soon. We still need to ensure the proper licensing, permitting and all that. And, of course, within our budget. My husband seems optimistic.