It’s been three months since I resolved certain things for this year. Some were easier than others. I’ve been successful at writing a new post every day. I’m maintaining my monthly pledge to do something nice for myself. In January, I had a mani-pedi with a friend. February, we did a couples massage for Valentine’s day. March was tough, for some reason. I let it get down to the wire. But on the 31st of March, I decided to get my hair done.

As you probably recall, I have had a bad history with hair cutting, experiences that involve more trust than most people realize. A bad cut or experience, regardless of fault, can put me off cuts for months, sometimes years. Being the incredibly insecure person I am, I take responsibility for my own self sabotage and destructive habits. So this time, I went in with a plan.

The first step was to get an honest answer from my husband about the length. At this point, my hair had not been cut in quite a while, and was quite long. After a few beers, he indicated a length just north of my collar bone. Great, I can definitely work with that.

Next I went online and did a google image search and found a cut that I liked. I had seen on every tv show about hair styling, how bringing a photo helps convey what you want. So I had my strategy for success.

The experience was great. The young woman who cut and colored my hair was efficient and pleasant. Her activities included professional cheerleading, pageants, and exercising. Frankly, it sounded exhausting. But she did very nice work and although I knew I was going to pay through the nose for it, I had a good time.

I’m still getting used to the result, but I do like it. We ended up taking off about 7 inches of hair, so it feels much lighter. The only downside of making such a drastic change, for the awkward saurus, is having to not feel totally strange and uncomfortable as people take notice. Not that the compliments aren’t appreciated but I get weirded out being the center of attention.