Today’s brew day is an exciting one. We’re starting a new recipe for a stout of my husband’s devising. We’re also going to be kegging off the hop monster IPA from last week. What I’m doubly excited about is the decision to somehow dry hop it to improve aroma, which was lacking the last time we made it.

Our current taps are the last ounces of our last lager of the season, a lightly smoked dark lager, and the first keg of the belgian golden ale. We have three batches of that beer already, one keg on tap, the next keg ready to go, and the latest batch in primary. So far all three ended up rather cloudy, which I don’t particularly mind, with very nice aroma and flavor.

The next batch will attempt a Belgian witbier, since the golden ale yeast has been so good. After that, we’ll probably do another stout until our grains in inventory have been used up. We don’t want them to go to waste.

Going forward, we realized that it’s far easier to have our recipes prepared by the home brew store for pick up. Cracking grain is easier since we upgraded our mill, but having someone else take care of it for us saves a lot of precious time on brew day.

My bread making endeavors have been improving. Last night, I discovered that my beer skills do translate, and at least in the thin crust pizza we attempted, more sugar and more dry yeast made for fluffier dough and flakier crust.

Today I want to take that concept and revisit the dinner roll experiment. Dinner will likely be done on the grill, so after beer is made, I can work in that space to try out bread.