The awkward saurus’ day job requires her to sit for long hours. It isn’t ideal, and most days I don’t mind it because the time really does fly by when I’m immersed in a project. The only downside is the pain that develops in my hips and general butt area from all that sitting. I think the technical term is “Office Sag.”

There’s plenty of research that shows how bad it is to sit all day. (Go on, google it. I’ll wait.) And, for as much evidence there is out there that it’s bad to sit all day, there’s as many products and gizmos designed to alleviate or counteract some of that damage. I’m skeptical of most, but I really want one of those balance ball chairs, just because they look neat, and would really piss off my coworkers.

But, unfortunately, there’s no money in the budget for a neato chair, so I had to pick something from a very dated office catalog. Among the hemorrhoid pillows, I found a lumbar support pad for an office chair. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and it is helping a bit. I have to remember to get up every few minutes and stretch and all that, still. I maintain that the balance ball chair would still be more fun, but I’ll just work that into my evaluation.