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You’ll have to pardon my gushing, but I love my iPad. It was not a gift I expected to receive, having jokingly mentioned it as an option in passing to my husband. It’s a great gift because it’s exactly the type of thing that I would never buy for myself.

At first, I kind of scoffed at how consuming it would be, but I’ve been sucked into the games that are offered. My favorite at the moment is the Pictionary style game, aptly named: Draw Something. I used to love playing Pictionary at lunch with friends a few jobs ago. It was a great distraction from my stressful work environment, and white boards and empty meeting rooms were plentiful. We had such a blast.

This game is a miniature, portable version of the same. Although, there are some flaws which can’t be avoided that weren’t part of the original game. For one, there’s no restriction on writing letters or even the entire word. This is silly, because it is technically cheating. Plus, people’s handwriting is so bad, I simply couldn’t make out the letters.

Because people can also play on their iPhones, sometimes the drawings are hard to make out. But other than that, I simply love it. The game is free, available through iTunes. You can also purchase the full version without ads for a few dollars, which is totally worth it. If you’re already playing and want to connect, my username is hajisaurus.