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On my office phone, the network sometimes puts broadcast messages that are designed to motivate or remind us of the core values we are supposed to represent. Because I work at a hospital, they are most often related to patient care. Sometimes they are reminders to wash our hands or get flu shots, but today’s was very interesting:

Quiet helps healing

Wow. How true, I thought. I am often amazed at how little quiet is available nowadays. There are very few moments when I can achieve true silence, and those are few and far between. As spring arrives, bringing warmer weather, the paper thin walls of our house are constantly bombarded with screaming children, car alarms, barking dogs, and blasting bass from passing cars.

There is no quiet, unless I put on noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs. Even then, it is a false silence. Though I don’t often stay up late, what I love about night time is the quiet. Sometimes early morning has the same character, but too often is broken by car alarms, chirping birds, or screaming children. The one thing I loved about the brewery was the soundproof room that contained the brew house. It was amazingly peaceful, when I was alone there. It is something I really miss, in the inevitable distracting chaos of my daily life.

There is silence in other aspects of my life. Being estranged from an abusive segment of my family has been incredibly healing. While I am no doubt the villain in their story, I accept that and do not wish to change it. Because in mine, there is silence, and it is golden. I am healing and it is magical.