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I’m not a fur-wearer, nor am I a member of PETA, but I must say, I smiled a bit when I saw Kim Kardashian get flour-bombed at an event last week. Frankly, I find the whole brood to be obnoxious, their shameless self-promotion the antithesis of everything I am as a person. But, they are doing something right, otherwise the ratings and the dollars would not reflect what they do.

So, if we accept that they have some sway, we wonder who are they swaying. My guess is very impressionable young girls. If that’s the case, then shouldn’t they act in a way that lifts up the youth to a higher standard? What little I know about the fur industry, I am aware of how poorly the animals are raised, how horribly they are killed, and how some are often alive when they fur is removed from their bodies. Why anyone who finds themselves in a position of fame and influence would disregard this information for the sake of self serving “fabulousness” I do not understand.

I think that the old Spiderman adage is applicable here: With great power comes great responsibility. And, refusing to do so, in spite of whatever an animal rights group asks of you, reflects the true quality of one’s character. Considering her first marriage ended with sex tape fame, and her second dissolved faster than an entire airing of a season of her show, well, I guess we have our answer.