After a lovely week of simply gorgeous, albeit unseasonably warm weather, I awoke this morning to the dreary, cool and damp weather one typically expects for March. I couldn’t be happier. Not because I love cold, damp weather, but because it means I will not be expected to go outside. I don’t dislike the outside. I actually very much enjoy it. What I don’t enjoy, however, are other people. With the chill in the air and sogginess in the ground, the monster children of the neighborhood will be inside, and not running through my yard or bouncing their basketballs off the hood of my car.

What’s also awesome about rainy days is that I can dedicate the entirety of the day to getting things done around the house. For a while, we were way behind on our homebrewing production, and forced to spend more money than we wanted to have beer in the house. This weekend’s forecast has provided me with the opportunity to dedicate both Saturday and Sunday to catching up on brewing.

Today’s brew day went rather smoothly. Although I didn’t quite get the yield I wanted, it was easy enough to top off with less than a gallon of water. I decided with spring officially here, I wanted a very hoppy IPA style ale on tap. I blended all the high alpha acid hops we had (Amarillo, Simcoe, Citra, and Sorachi Ace) and tossed in some of our home grown hops from last year’s harvest as well.

Tomorrow’s brew day will be another Belgian Golden ale, which we have been making back to back for three weekends. One of the true tests of a good home brewer is replicability, so I’m very excited to see how each batch compares. In a few weeks, we’ll either have very consistently awesome ales or neat variations on a theme. Either way, sure beats having to buy it.