I took a day off from work today. I had it scheduled from before I got sick, and in spite of not really being caught up or having anything particular I wanted to accomplish, I took the day anyway.

I spent the day sleeping in until the coffee maker had shut off and the still warm remnants tasted well enough to add cream and sugar to for a caffeine fix. I plopped myself down on the couch in my jammies and watched the entire season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. I did this without shame, guilt or apology.

I did not go outside, I did not even put shoes on today. I watched ten hours of TV and I’m not sorry. I don’t care that it was 60 some degrees outside and gorgeous. I was not concerned with the outside world. Today was my day.

And, as the series is complete, and I am eager for the next one to come out (will google that later to figure out exactly when), I realize that it was the exact thing I needed to do for myself.

I opened the windows after dinner, seeing the monster children in the neighborhood playing basketball in the street, bouncing the ball off my husband’s car and shake my head. I knew that I made the right call.