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So, I’m still not 100%, but I’m on the mend. I definitely feel different than I have with previous bouts with other sicknesses. I feel poisoned, something which my body still has yet to truly recover from. I’ve been taking it easy, listening to my body and doing all that stuff I should have been doing before I got sick.

Today’s been the first day back at work and it’s pretty much as expected. In the  formulaic existence of corporate life, you pretty much have to explain to everyone you come into contact with that you were out sick, why you got sick, and that you’re working as quickly as you can to get back to them about whatever it is they’re asking about.

Fortunately, no one can really discount the “I nearly poisoned myself” theory. And, because I googled it, the internets are on my side. Still, I’m struggling to catch up, hence the lateness of this post. My eyes are open to how easily it is for a relatively high functioning human like myself to so unwittingly damage myself. I am, if nothing else, committed to being more careful.