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I am breathing toxic today, lungs burning as I exhale benzine and fire. The air around me is unclean, and not just in that “the state we live in is extremely polluted” kind of way. I am pushing out what I have held onto for far too long.

They say that the body has all kinds of crazy capacities to withstand all sorts otherwise unthinkable experiences. The fact that we survive at all, in spite of our tendency to throw metal in the microwave, is nothing short of amazing. The human capacity to absorb stress, toxic behavior and otherwise generally unpleasant things without resorting to major breakdowns in the carefully constructed social fabric is in itself a remarkable feat.

However, we reach a moment where the cup of bullshit runneth over. Some thing’s gotta give. Being pushed into a corner, eventually one’s back hits the wall and it’s time to push back.