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I swear, it’s a miracle I have a social life at all. I build myself into a very comfortable little bubble in my day to day life, able to avoid most of the unsavory experiences I would normally encounter. For that, I’m grateful.

However, when I find myself in the hated “obligation” song and dance, all boundary and structure I have carefully crafted goes right out the window. It isn’t the obligation itself that I resent, because things like weddings, funerals, parties, birthdays and other milestones happen, and I’m happy that they do. I do resent that clusterfuck that goes into planning large group activities, because no matter how zen one attempts to be in going through the motions, I am always the asshole.

I’m more than happy to share my opinion about what I’d prefer to do, when planning is taking place. I’m thrilled when people are considerate enough to take my schedule and preferences into consideration. But, when scenarios like the completely fictional transaction I’m about to relay take place, the awkward saurus has no idea on how to react.

Other Person (OP): “Hey, we’re all going to this thing far away, want to go?”

Awkward Saurus (AS): “Okay. Sounds good. What time do I need to be there.”

OP: “Since it’s far, we are going to go the Friday before, stay over, and attend the thing on Saturday morning.”

AS: “Great. I’ll do the same.”

OP:”We’re going to meet up for food at some point. When would you like do to that?”

AS: “Well, if the thing is Saturday, let’s do food Friday night, then we can leave right after the thing and make the long trip back. Besides, because the thing is a large thing, there will be lots of other people trying to do the same. Friday is best.”

OP: “Friday is not best. We choose Saturday.”

AS: (Thinking to self, Okay, if you already knew what you wanted, why ask? Just say so.“Well, it sounds like you already have an idea of what you want to do. I’ll defer to whatever you choose.”

OP: “What’s your problem?!”

AS: “No problem, just you asked what I wanted to do, I told you and that wasn’t what you wanted. So, we can do what you want.”

OP: “Why are you being so difficult?!”

AS: “I-I’m not being difficult. I just don’t want to debate it. Let’s do what you want.”

OP: “Fine!”

AS: (Head explodes.)