My office was relocated again last week. It is the fourth move in five years, although I can’t really complain. The new site is better in nearly every way. My shared office has become a single office. I no longer have to deal with the toxic air of the shared tiny space, which was frankly becoming unbearable.

I am sad, though, because in our crowded environment, I made a lot of new friends. I miss them. It’s quieter here, and I’m definitely feeling more isolated.  The parking is far better, however, and the building is absolutely beautiful. Although the walls are paper thin, there’s a lot more contact with patients coming in for their cancer treatments, which gives me some perspective.

Although I’m still wading through about a week’s worth of emails, I’m feeling more relaxed and calm. I’m able to go out at lunch and run errands again. Parking is much better and I can listen to my music without ear phones. Each job, as we know, is a ratio of bullshit to money. This move is definitely an upgrade.