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As if regular day to day life didn’t have enough, there are moments when you’ve done all you can to brace for the inevitable shit storm that’s about to take place. Staring down the barrel of the loaded shotgun that’s about to unleash hell on a usually fragile and barely held together organization, well, that’s some stress right there.

People often say, “Don’t worry about things you have no control over” and, usually that’s pretty good advice. What about situations where you have nearly all the control over whether or not something falls apart or goes smoothly, depending on the quality and thoroughness of one’s involvement. These are not moments to sit back, throw up one’s hands and cluck, “Que sera sera.”

These are moments of ninja-like precision, to anticipate not only how you wish things to formulate, but also to consider the worst case scenario, the Murphy’s Law that will inevitably win out. These are moments where it’s prudent to bring a change of clothes, shoes, lunch, energy drink, and some pain relievers. These are the moments to ensure your entire agenda is cleared of other obligations, because, ladies and gents, shit’s about to get real.

Of course, those who would offer said advice, to sit back and relax, are often the very same individuals who will not be participating actively in any of the major activities that are about to take place. These individuals, whose intentions are to simply show up and let it be someone else’s problem, would do their best to stand aside, if that’s what they’re going to contribute. And, of course, anticipating that they will do so, has already been factored in to the plan of those of us with cat-like readiness.

And, as the dust settles after the fact, as life returns to normal and all the behind the scenes nonsense is done, the planners will also have to account for the restraint needed not to flip out once the non-contributors say “See, I told you not to worry. Everything worked out fine!”