Today’s endeavor took much more time than I expected it to. Since the hurricane, and we needed a bucket, we borrowed the wine bucket to catch incoming rain water. Though it has since been cleaned and sanitized, the lid was nowhere to be found.

A thorough and careful unpacking of the brew closet yielded the lid at last, buried in the very back corner. Of course, it was needing a good reorganization anyway, so it wasn’t that  big of a deal.

The beginning steps, assembly, sanitizing and bentonite, take the most time because water must be heated and poured. Because it has been a while since we bought the kit, we are concerned about how it will turn out. The bag was just a bit cloudy as though the juice had time to settle a bit.

However, as I decanted the juice, it smelled quite nice. I’m hoping the sulfite spray, which the instructions advised using, will make a difference. This will be the first time we used it.

I hit gravity (meaning that there’s enough sugar for the yeast to consume and produce alcohol), at 1.082. I added the oak chips and yeast packet, sealed the lid and crossed my fingers.

My inventory downstairs, which I had a few minutes to do while searching for the bucket lid, shows that we’re in need of new wines. I’m thinking we could get at least one more kit’s worth of wine into the racks as we have them now. That prospect, irrespective of how this kit turns out, makes me quite happy.