It’s been a while since we made a batch of wine. Normally, we stick to home-brewing since we started kegging. But recently, we started finished the last couple of bottles of Amarone, I thought it was time to restock the shelves. And, for the first time, we’re making our first white wine.

Normally, we don’t go for white wines. For me, I’m too easily reminded of the stench of cheap jug wine from my youth. For my husband, whose super taster palette detects even the slightest residual sweetness and recoils in horror, thus ruling out the majority.

But, it is with these restrictions in mind, we purchased the Chardonnay kit as sort of a challenge. Having tasted a few pleasant enough works in progress, we have some hope. I learned that the process to sweeten wine is to ferment it out and then sweeten later, so our intention is to skip the last step and leave the wine as a dry white.

So, I’m very excited for this new prospect. Hopefully we will be successful.