I have mixed feelings about social media sites in general. Most of the time, they provide little real information about how people really are doing. Research I have read seems to indicate that people are unrealistically optimistic in their posting, and I am not exception to that rule. I typically don’t post my frustrations because I’m afraid that it could come back to bite me later on down the road. Beyond that, I’m not really a negative person, and putting that kind of persona out there, whether intentional or not, tends to turn people off.

The recent development to the Facebook design has been to group posting about certain topics, like the Superbowl, Winter, and Whitney Houston’s death, into a summary at the top of my news feed. It’s nice and all, because it gives me the option to view all posts pertaining to the same banal nonsense all at once. However, what I’m more likely to do is to see that everyone’s posting about some topic which I probably don’t care about anyway, and gives me the option to ignore most of it.

What it doesn’t do that I wish it would, is to glean certain topics into viewing options that I could set to ignore. For example, after someone’s spouse “hacks” their status for the bazillionth time to announce how awesome said spouse is, I’m over it. Could facebook simply say, “Hey I see this douche has the same status again, would you like to ignore anything like this going forward?” Why yes, Facebook. Yes I would.

Or, even if Facebook could give me fair warning before I get to my news feed for stuff like, “that crazy bitch from elementary school is posting about how much her life sucks again. You want we should skip this content for you?” Because, while I could filter out all posts from that person, it’s essentially the same as unfriending them without them knowing it. And if I’m going to go that far, I could just man up and unfriend them. But considering how miserable she already is, having a mass unfriending due to crappy content may just be the thing that sends her over the edge.

What would be best for me, would be an intuitive reading of my friends’ posts, where I could have Facebook take action on content that’s going to piss me off. Like, “Hey, your friend is posting positive content about her daughter-in-law who I KNOW you can’t stand, want me to mail that skank a dead rat carcass?” Hey, Facebook, you’re okay in my book. That’s how you get results and take this shit to the next level.