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The hajisaurus is having herself an adventure today. I’m (finally) getting a much needed visit with one of my oldest and dearest friends this weekend. The three and a half hour drive through Amish country and winding mountainous highway was something to behold, as the area where I currently live has neither.

I grew up in the same area as she did, though her parents divorced and she moved away when I was about 15. In those days, before texting and email, before twitter and Facebook, she and I were pen pals.

It wasn’t until I caught up with her on MySpace that we reconnected in person. It was uncanny how our silly sense of humor and similar taste in pretty much everything else developed over the years to form the ultimate Best Friend team.

So, upon arriving last night, we basically reverted to the same behavior we had as kids, only with alcohol. Long into the late night hours, we played mad libs, drew silly pictures and giggled until our stomachs cried out in pain.

Thankfully none of the other hotel guests complained about our carrying on. The few I interacted with were exquisitely nice. Hopefully they weren’t just too polite to say.