I’m not the best person for motivational nuggets of joy. Mostly because I’m a lazy person and am not very motivated. But, my dear friend was having a rough day and I wrote her the following. I thought it was moving enough to share with my fellow readers. Enjoy!

I just wanted to touch base with you. I know you’re going through a rough day/morning/week/month/life. It’s tough knowing that you’re working so hard to carve out a life that you feel yours slipping away bit by bit each day. Believe me, I sympathize. 
What I am here to tell you is that there is no answer. There’s no magic pill you can take or dance you can do or playlist energizing enough to shake what you know in the fiber of your being: that this is all bullshit.
Take heart, though, because realizing it is all bullshit is just the first step to letting go. Because what rational human carries around bullshit, anyway? I mean, even just a tiny amount on one’s hands is enough to smell all day, but when you’re mired in it, you stop smelling it because it’s everywhere.
So, let’s pull our head’s out of the proverbial bullshit, shower that nastiness off and frolic in the sun for a while. It’s not like we can do it forever, and sure the smell is even worse since you were away from it. I think that it’s not the smell that should be upsetting, though, it’s the moment you realize you’ve gotten used to it.