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It is nothing short of amazing outside right now. The shift in the jet stream has pushed the influx of cold air north and will probably hold until sometime later tonight. That is, of course, if the TV weather lady has it right. These days she’s been pretty good.

I stole out of the building for lunch. Normally I wait until later in the day to go, savoring the precious hours before the end of the day that become fewer the later I take my lunch. Today, there was no savoring. I needed the fresh air in the worst way.

While I post a bit about my job, I try not to complain about it too much here. Mostly because I don’t want it to bite me in the arse someday, but also because I feel like work nonsense exists pretty much everywhere and my loyal readers probably have their own scenarios which may be much worse. I don’t want to be a whiner or a complainer, but some days I just need to blow off steam.

This morning was weird. Arriving to work at the usual hour, I find one colleague from another department in tears in her cube, reacting to an email from her boss which pointed out some errors she had made. While she let me read it, it didn’t seem very hurtful, but the poor woman was convinced that she was going to be fired. Another colleague had been up all night, unable to sleep, and spent a better part of her twilight hours redecorating her bathroom. Yet another was slumped over in her cubicle, barely recognizing my presence as I greeted her with her print job from the printer. She grumbled at me as I presented her with the stack of paper, still warm, as though I had thrust some kind of vicious squirrel at her. Sometimes I wish I had that vicious squirrel.

I don’t know why I didn’t put in my headphones and tune everyone out like normal. Today I just wasn’t feeling it. I’ve had the same four albums on repeat for the last week and my Pandora stations weren’t piquing my interest either. Instead, taking in the humdrum and frankly, a bit psychotic, droll of the office’s daily hustle and bustle, I began to worry about not only my own sanity, but also of those around me.

The working world is such a strange social construct, as we have discussed in previous posts. In truth, there’s so much caged animal anxiety running around this place, I’m honestly surprised that no one’s gone on some kind of postal shooting spree. I do have some fear of it, those 1:00 a.m. moments where you wonder just what you’ll do should you find yourself in a situation like that. Staring wide-eyed at the ceiling as my husband snores soundly and peacefully beside me, I wonder what areas of the office would be best suited for hiding out should shit get real. Then my brain starts to fight back, citing that it’s very unlikely that this scenario would take place and that I’m wasting perfectly good sleeping time. But, in case I’m right, that bottom drawer of the big file cabinet is mine.