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It is interesting to me, the extent of hypocrisy that has woven itself into my daily life. Not that I am without blame, because I’m certain I’m guilty of transgressions myself, but I know that I’m not this bad. I see people getting up on their high horse about things that they themselves are guilty of. In some cases, the stone caster is the worst offender.

Though I should be upset about the transgression itself, what upsets me is the failure of the individual to see that they are a hypocrite. While most of the time, pure denial and projection are not themselves worthy of drawing my ire, the implementation of them to not only continue in bad behavior, but to also further the offender’s justification continuing in is just ridiculous.

If there was one thing I miss about the heady days of undergraduate psychological study, it was that clients, for the most part, accept that something is wrong with them. To be working in the world where such an acknowledgment is practically non-existent leaves much to be desired. Knowing that I’m interacting with full-blown crazies, who are operating in heavy denial, makes them that much more dangerous.