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I’m moving with caution these days. About 40% of my wardrobe has fallen apart in a matter of weeks. I’ve had to wipe out entire families of white tanks that I wore with practically everything, the unifiers, the confidence builders, preventers of panty peek, just gone.

The fabric started coming back from the white laundry with strange blue splotches, but I thought maybe it was the fabric softener or something colored got in with the white laundry. Then the fabric began to waffle and pucker like cooking bacon before finally, sadly disintegrating into an unwearable mess. The unfortunate and predictable end befell all six, as they had all been purchased at the same store from the same shelf at the same time.

My three pairs of winter shoes, all black and pretty much my go-to options were all deceased in the same week. The first, beloved favorite black peep toe pumps died first, a slow demise, finally giving out when paired with some jeans and a cute top at dinner.

The second, my well worn black loafer, the office day, filing or late meeting night shoe, split at the seam after being caught in a heavy thunderstorm with crazy winds. I had forgotten to bring an umbrella when leaving my office after work one night, not that it would have made any difference. By the time I got to my car, I was drenched and the shoes were toast.

Finally, my back up black pumps, which had practically no cushioning when I bought them, could be tolerated. But eventually, they became too uncomfortable to bear, and they’re done. So, now I’m down to a pair of gray kitten heel pumps and my zip up black knee boots. The rest of my options are not winter appropriate or too casual for work.

Beyond all this, my clothing options are all in need of attention, because the remainder are leaving much to be desired. My regular black slacks unlock an extra pant size around 2:00 in the afternoon, and another if I wear them until 5:00 p.m.

My only pair of khakis are a purchase from the clearance rack. They’re long enough sure, but the zipper is about half an inch too far to the right so that they always feel like they’re not quite on straight.

I lost all but one of my long sleeved shirts, soft tees that I could pull over collared shirts to layer for warmth. The black one, a v-neck super soft number that I wore everywhere went first, followed by the scoop neck, navy blue cousin. The trio are survived by the runt of the litter, a charcoal scoop neck off stretched out awkwardness. It lays sadly on the hanger, one or two more trips through the wash before it completely collapses.

These I lost on the heels of my favorite winter white sweater, which I wore the crap out of and paired with everything, but most importantly my brown wool argyle print skirt. The sweater had another mysterious bout of blue laundry syndrome, but had been limping along sadly for a while.

Eventually, the sweater was a shadow of its former glory and was removed from the rotation. The skirt without a pairing top languished, as did its corresponding brown tights. Not having worn it for so long, I eventually lost some weight and the skirt no longer fit. A nice compliment, sure, but it was a nice part of my wardrobe and I miss it.

So, today begins the 2012 Rebuild. I am hoping to rebuild and will start from the ground up. Out of necessity, I picked up a new pair of black flats and loafers. I did go to a cheaper store for these bridge items, but I feel that I got nice options.

In the coming weeks, my mission is to pick up replacement items and some other new pieces to form a more professional and age appropriate wardrobe. I’m investigating options, but am okay with spending a bit more to get some things that will last.